There for You When You Need Us

The Environment in Cairns — We Care

We select timber that suits the tropical climates in Cairns

You’ll Feel Secure

—knowing that all of the timber used by Johnston Joinery has a durability suited to the tropical climate we live in.

Timber Has Natural Beauty and Energy Efficiency

—that, combined with the right glass, is far superior for any door or window application. Also, being a natural product, timber requires far less energy for production than most building products. You'll feel secure knowing that all of Johnston Joinery's timbers have been hand selected for that special creation.

Wood is the Largest Readily Renewable Natural Resource

The earth contains about 1 trillion tonnes of wood, which grows at a rate of 10 billion tonnes per year. As an abundant, carbon-neutral renewable source, wood materials have attracted intense interest as a source of renewable energy.

Forests and Wood Products

—can effectively reduce the process of climate change in several ways. Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store the carbon so efficiently that about half the dry weight of a tree is carbon. This carbon remains locked up in the wood even when we use it for building products. Wood is one of the most appealing materials at a designer’s or joiner’s fingertips. It is versatile, renewable, attractive and cost-effective. It’s also flexible enough to create anything from strikingly innovative designs to simple and economical structures. "The natural beauty and diversity of timber is an experience to behold for any project."

The Development of Coatings

—that protect and enhance timber joinery is by far superior with the shift in technology from the solvent-based to the water-based systems. These coating systems provide a long life and simple maintenance.

Utilise Nature’s Materials

Customise an Earthy Look
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